Sedona, Arizona Riding Quad ATVs in the Desert!

Our adventure today is an ATV trip.  Our friend Roger called and said he was planning a trip and did we want to go.  Absolutely was the response.  We all met at the Arizona ATV Adventures office in South Sedona.

The sign from the street as you approach
The actual office which is set back off the street

We went inside and signed the waiver (typical stuff) and paid our money which as of this posting was $125 USD per person.  We were offered a helmet, some goggles and a bandanna (scarf) to cover our mouths and noses.  I highly recommend the bandanna!  It was very dusty on the trail.  This is typical.  It is a desert after all.  We then went over for our safety briefing.

Our guide (seated) giving us the safety briefing.
The “Test Track”. Make it here and you are good to go!
Taking the test…she passed.

Regardless of your experience you must make a lap of the test track.  It really is a good idea to be comfortable before you get out to the desert.  In our group of 12 we had one guy who just didn’t get it.  He went as a passenger.  Better safe than sorry.  It makes for a better trip for the group.

8 riders and ATVs ready to roll

We loaded up into a van with a trailer and headed out.  It was a short 8 mile trip to the drop-off spot.

The guide off loaded the ATVs and we warmed them up and headed out.

At the drop-off. Bandanas in place!

When we paid for the tour, we were told that this was a three hour tour.  We spent 45 min. with the safety briefing and test track and then a 15 min. ride to the drop-off spot.  I was wondering if this would be part of the three hour tour.  Time would tell.

When we first started riding it was slow and on well groomed trails. Very level and flat.

Ready to head out.
Starting out slow to get the feel for the ATV.

We rode like this for about 20 min.  I was starting to think that this was going to be like a pony ride at the fair…

Flat and open space.
Really flat and open!!

Then, we started to get into some red dirt.  This is what I was looking for.

Starting to get some bumps in the road.
Heading towards the red rocks.

We stopped after about an hour of riding for a much needed water break.

Kris and Robin taking a break.

You need to always be drinking water out in the desert.  The dry air takes the water from your skin very quickly.  Make sure to drink lots of water.

Ready to continue the ride.

When we headed back out, the terrain started to get more and more rocky.  This trip was tailor made for novices.  You are slowly introduced to tougher and tougher riding.  You feel challenged but not terrified.  You want to take on more demanding trails.

Some rolling hills … and a few more rocks.
Tougher? Yes. but I felt ready for it.
The trails just go on forever.

water break or the end of the line?

Our guide stopped again for water.  I think he stopped because he was feeling something wrong with his ATV.  He had broken the right side front suspension.  He contemplated locking the ATV with a chain and then riding double on one of the ATVs.  We were bummed . Who would give up there ATV?  In the end, I think our guide could tell we really wanted to continue the tour.  He got on his and said “it’s already broken, I’ll ride till the wheel falls off”.  Well done!  That’s the kind of company I want to go with.  Keep the customer experience in mind.

Close up of our guides ATV with a broken lower A-arm.

Off we went and this was the roughest terrain yet.  I felt good.  I was confident with the challengeing trail.  Excited and in control, yes!

rough but we can handle it no problem

By this time we were feeling like we definately got our moneys worth.  We had been riding for a full three hours.  It was time to head back to the drop-off spot.  We were treated to one more thing which really capped off our great ATV ride in Sedona.

prong horned altelope in the wild

We were just as facinated as they were.  We all stopped and watched the antelope as they stopped and watched us.  It was pretty cool.

At the end of the day we all agreed that this was an exciting trip.  It is very suitable for the 50 crowd.  Be prepared to do some work and have some fun.  Remember the test track.  If you can make it around there then you will be fine out in the desert.  Drink lots of water and wear those bandannas.

The last part of this post is the expense report.  How much does it cost for two people to make this trip?

ATV fees = $125.00 each  = $250.00

Travel = $35.00 (we lived close enough to drive)

Lodging = $0.00  (N/A)

Food = $50.00  (breakfast and early dinner)

Extras = $0.00  (no surprises or forgotten items)

Grand total = $335.00

Trip rating = A

Would we do it again?  Yes

One thing to note: I used a Canon G-10 camera to take pictures on this adventure.  It worked great for 90% of the trip.  Towards the end the lens retracting mechanism got stuck as did the lens protective shutters.  All I did when I got home was to use a can of compressed air and clean the camera for about 15 minutes.  It is ready for the next adventure.  Gotta love a good camera.

If you are looking for a good one day exploration, try an ATV trip in Sedona, AZ.  If you do, may I suggest the Arizona ATV Adventures.  They also offer a great trip near Florence, AZ.  It’s a bit more demanding.  Maybe it will be our next Fun at 50 Adventure.  Stay Tuned!

(Please share this with your Fun at 50 friends. Get out and go!)





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